They don’t understand the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction, you to Dr. Eric Amidi, Quantum Physicist, and the author of “The Secret Behind the. 16 Feb Do you want to discover the secret behind the Law of Attraction? Dr. Eric Amidi ( also known as Erfan Amidi), discovered through his scientific. 1 Oct A Quantum Physicist reveals how to master “The Secret”! From: Dr. Eric Amidi, Quantum Physicist Make sure you read every word below.

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I have clarified a lot of information that has been in my head for some years now. Basically through a chain of events I persuaded the right people tue let me do another audition and I passed. Before I began reading your book my life was in shambles. I just say to myself I wont say anything unless they mention the secret.

I have tried them all, and find that each one has the secret behind the secret eric amidi own benefits and all relieve stress and assist me in dealing with fibromyalgia. I knew inside that there was something much more to this existence on earth because God had shown it to me. I felt a tremendous amount of energy daily. I suppose many would say its more involved than that but its the only description I have ever read that made sense to me.

Eric Amidi has just the book for you. I am truly blessed and encouraged to have read your book Believe and Manifest. Not only am I equipped with the what, but the how-to as well. This entry was posted in Uncategorized. This book will explain how people just like you have experienced true miracles in their relationships, bank accounts and physical, mental and emotional health.

Thank you the secret behind the secret eric amidi so much……. Little did I know that I was the one who was doing the destroying.

The Secret Behind The Secret Pdf Review – Is Eric’s Guide Useful?

I read and re-read the book constantly. In this page easy to read and digest e-Book that’s jam-packed with “meat” and not “filler”, Dr.


Amidi so clearly explains in his e-Book, and how a conflict of messages among my three selves could thwart my plans for success, leading to unanswered prayers and unsuccessful manifestations. Im trying very hard to understand these instruments so that I can have the life I truly deserve to the secret behind the secret eric amidi my family and others.

It looks like a disaster but it was actually a blessing. Meaning passed on in spirit. I was in an unhappy place of employment, and no sooner than I spoke the words “I want to quit my job”, the following week or so after I stated the secret behind the secret eric amidi, they let me go. When you read the method that I show you, you can manifest anything you desire in your life.

I am at peace. I was desperate so I bought it. Because I know that the secret behind the secret eric amidi is the best material you can get, I offer a day return policy with no questions asked. From there I went on to discover a book by the name of Eat, Pray, Love, and even further from there I discovered the teachings of Abraham.

Keep em coming……Bless you. Time has not allowed me to do so but here is my success story. Better late than never. And now, I am on the road to prosperity, happiness and well being. To carry out the wish, the awareness is required, and the subconscious, must make contact with the superconscious.

I am willing to provide you more information as I am learning to utilize the relaxation methods. For they were given to man from the beginning. However, they seem to miss the mark when it comes to explaining HOW to apply their concepts. Now I know that can have an incredible influence on what comes into my life and what stays away. But who had the time to master their mind, except for a serious seeker.

Where do I begin? I could now identify the damaging types of self-talk and start to catch them when they habitually or “accidentally” pop up behinc my inner dialogue. Amidi has a clear and concise approach to this subject that made it easy for me to absorb the material.


What if this knowledge helps you manifest just ONE of your desires in your life? I just know things i never knew before.

I was depressed, angry, destitute and feeling I had nothing to live for. Amidi, I am the secret behind the secret eric amidi blessed and encouraged to have read your book Believe and Manifest. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking to apply The Secret in their personal beuind. How to stop being selfish at home and at work — 11 tips. I just finished it today and how pleasantly seecret it was to try my first manifestation session only to return to my desk at work and have your email.

Who Is Dr. Eric Amidi And What Secret Behind The Secret ? | thesecrettothelawofattraction

The truth of the matter is these powers are not something that man has to learn to attain, rather, the secret behind the secret eric amidi has to learn to reattain. Amidu other day, I went into a conference call for a project for a company that was not likely to accepted our terms and the project is going thru our credit process right now.

I sailed through two brutal interviews and a one hour exam and was called two days later. Worst part of it all is that God had been trying to tell me many of the things that are in your book but I was never able to put it all together.

The Secret Behind The Secret

Using Secrer Secret for me, is much like writing poetry. Defentently worth more then 37 dollars. I want to thank you very much for writing this book. There is a science behind it. This law is in essence, a very powerful law that allows people to attract into their lives whatever they focus their thoughts on, be it good or bad.