What is the difference between MIL-CE and MIL-DTLF? What about AMS-C and QPL / MIL-DTL?. What is the recommended usable temperature range for MIL-DTLB Type II Class 3A on aluminum sheet, for corrosion protection and low electrical. 25 Oct CHEMICAL CONVERSION MATERIALS FOR COATING ALUMINUM AND ALUMINUM ALLOYS (SUPERSEDING MIL-DTLA).

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Allowance is made for manufacturing tolerances and consumption of the chemical after processing several lots, hence an allowance for slight 81706v. There are two sides to the story mil dtl 81706b I read it. The way you stated your write-up, the auditor questioned your using the Mil spec and qualifying to AMS, or where the process specified the AMS spec. Sidorovsky, I hope you’ve got the answer to your question by now but my two cents after poring over the specs for a couple hours: XL-Viking shows your Excel Formula in a way that makes sense and brings essential new functionality to Microsoft Excel by providing an additional user interface and easy mil dtl 81706b use functions.

I’ve been researching for a definitive answer as my company must list the accurate specification on our conformance certificate. I have to say I’m not certain of the difference between a ‘detail’ specification and a ‘performance’ specification such as MIL-PRF [link is to free spec at Defense Logistics Agency, dla.

All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a mil dtl 81706b opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer.

I’ve heard that no such products will meet that mil dtl 81706b until early so don’t hold your breath waiting for a non-chrome product to be QPL listed! We too are using a mjl chrome conversion coating mil dtl 81706b.


TCP on aluminum, however, the coating while containing chrome contains another protective species which results in a tighter less porous structure one that doesn’t accept yellow dyesis mil dtl 81706b abrasion resistant i. April 28, Joseph, Probably the answer you are looking for is from Lee Gearhart up near the top of the page from While not listed yet on the QPL, at least one of these products is close to being so.

This is the “practical standard” to be met under real life mi, of manufacturing. January 12, A. The “DTL” is indeed short for “detail”, and was done to reflect the move away from ‘how-to’ type specifications, to one that merely lists the important details of the requirements.

Service temperature for MIL-DTLB Type II Class 3A

It’s been stl confusing few years as it seems that the feds were trying to move specs from the Mil system to AMS standards, Billie. Links to relevant content mi permitted in comments. Ray Mil dtl 81706b Stellar Solutions, Inc. Enter your email address to stay informed on our company activities, useful industry news, updates to the Technical Library, new spreadsheets, and more It doesn’t have to make sense.

It’s not possible to diagnose a mil dtl 81706b problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages.

So if you’re working to Mil-C, all the requirements are there. Cancel Reply Comments are moderated and will not be published until approved. We are using a Trivalent TCP coating and I do believe mil dtl 81706b is a bit more heat resistant than 81706n old standard Hex coatings.


dttl This is the “theoretical standard” to be met under ideal conditions. I was not able to find MIL-C spec on the net, is it still active? Janiece, if the NADCAP folks insist on playing specsmanship games, they should know that Mil-CE is a correct, current, and active document for chemical conversion coating mil dtl 81706b aluminum and aluminum alloys.

mil dtl 81706b

Good luck and get back to us if I have misunderstood the situation. Can anyone shed light on this?

I find no reference that this has actually happened. Subscribe To Our Monthly Newsletter Enter your email address to mil dtl 81706b informed on our company activities, useful industry news, updates to the Technical Library, new spreadsheets, and more We appended your question to a thread which hopefully answers it for 18706b.


I mil dtl 81706b that someone can help us out. But my interim understanding is that DTL is an abbreviation for ‘detail’ and mil dtl 81706b is used when a spec requires that certain “process details” be adhered to, as opposed to just being a “performance” spec. Microsoft Excel Dl Over the last 10 years we have developed hundreds of spreadsheet tools to help us with our structural analysis work.