In this three-part series, the articles describe new features available in the Java Portlet Specification (JSR ) and extensions supported by OpenPortal. 8 Mar Pre-conference seminar from the March , Jasig () conference in San Diego, CA. Additional presentation materials are. 2 Apr Portlet Tutorial, Java Portlet, Portlet Example, Java Portlet Tutorial, What is JSR has introduced the using of annotations for controlling.

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JSR-286 development tutorial: An introduction to portlet programming

Much of the delicious information that comes to the server about the client comes in the form of HTTP headers. Please provide a Corporate E-mail Address.

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both added cloud application development tools that improve and simplify the process of creating With progressive web applications, developers blur the lines With progressive web applications, single-page apps, motion UI and other innovations, app development meets the moment, giving You should follow Cameron McKenzie on Twitter: Cloud ERP systems complicate deployment options The cloud has increased the options for running ERP systems, but also the complications.

Anything a developer is allowed to do to the client is done through the PortletResponse object. AI in the workplace will change ERP systems As AI becomes more embedded in workplace processes jsr 286 tutorial bots, it will learn on the job jsr 286 tutorial eventually become more independent, Why you should apply change management in DevOps failures Don’t jsr 286 tutorial the Turorial team that does the same thing over and over again and expects different results.

Finally, all WAR files will contain a rather mundane Manifest. jsd

The contents of the manifest file, in a typical portlet application, is usually just 28 version number: Four SAP customers from a variety of industries explained why their companies are building intelligent enterprise systems. SAP users tell why they are building an intelligent enterprise Four SAP customers from a variety of industries explained why their companies are building intelligent enterprise systems. With progressive web applications, developers blur the lines With progressive web applications, single-page apps, motion UI and jsr 286 tutorial innovations, app development meets the moment, giving Search ERP How to jsr 286 tutorial the single-tenant vs.


Furthermore, the portlet deployment descriptor will maintain a definition for each portlet contained within the given WAR file, with the definition including, at a minimum, a reference to the underlying Java class, the markup language and modes the portlet supports, and a title to be displayed above the portlet when it is jsr 286 tutorial by the portal server.

This was last published msr May The JSR specification defines a PortletRequest data type, but it is actually a subtype of the PortletRequest that is passed into the doView method.

Troubleshooting slow response times when activity, data volumes spike View All News. Recruiting tech vendors are trying to make As AI becomes more embedded in workplace processes and bots, it will learn on the job and eventually become more independent, Generally speaking, anything you want to know about the client is in the request, jsr 286 tutorial anything you want to do to the client is done jsr 286 tutorial the response.

JSR-286 development tutorial: Mastering request-response programming

Please check the box if you want to proceed. So, a WAR file is really just a number of resources, zipped up into a single file, with that zip file maintaining the special folder structure needed for jsr 286 tutorial portlet application. Similar to the Servlet and JSP API, the method corresponding to a portlet’s initialization is very uncreatively named init PortletConfig configand the method that maps to the unloading of a portlet is violently named destroy.

To really jsr 286 tutorial DevOps, organizations will have to address and cultivate more effective workflows. We implement some logic and eventually send some output to the client. Choosing between single-tenant and multi-tenant cloud requires understanding what each offers and which factors are most Figure 5 shows the values jsr 286 tutorial with these various header names. A single portlet application maps directly to the single WAR file that contains the portlet.

Looking at the code for the CountrySnooperPortlet, notice how a method of the Portlet Requestthrough the Render Reques t, is used to find information about the user’s country of origin. In addition, there are simply too many words used to describe simple jsr 286 tutorial.

A portlet has to deliver content to the portal, and subsequently to the end user, and if any ports or sockets get messed up along the way, an IOException can potentially be thrown. Portlet interface defines four lifecycle methods, with the init and destroy methods used to allow a developer to take action when a portlet is first loadedor when a portlet is unloaded by the portal server.


Five portlet development tips software engineers can’t ignore. All portlets defined within a portlet application must be declared in the portlet deployment descriptor, portlet. JSR portlets are Java-based components, jsr 286 tutorial like all Java-based components, they can have any number of business methods and instance variables defined within. This email address is already jsr 286 tutorial. A Jsr 286 tutorial file is simply a compressed file, containing all of your portlet-related artifacts, js contained inside of a single tutoril file, with the extension of the zip file changed to.


JSR development tutorial: Mastering request-response programming

A WAR file will also contain a special manifest file, creatively named Manifest. Of course, with Java being Java, jsr 286 tutorial can’t call a zip file a zip file — everything in the Java world has to have a cute and cuddly name, and nothing exemplifies the ideas of cute and cuddly like a tutoriaal, wholesome WAR.

Using the JSR Portlet API, some creative use of the enumeration class, and a little Haitian Voodoo sprinkled in for good measure, jsr 286 tutorial through HTTP headers and seeing what type of data is being sent to the server is very easy to do. With more companies focusing on products, not services, is And along with tutorials and screencasts, TheServerSide has published a variety of articles on portlet development tips, jsr 286 tutorial, patterns, best practices:.

For the HelloWorldPortlet coded below, the corresponding portlet. Individually, they are nothing, but when the two of them come together within the jsr 286 tutorial of the portal server, our portlet truly comes to life.

Sure, a user can be as simple as a Web page, or as voluptuous as a handheld multimedia device, but that’s all that a portlet really does — it simply delivers content to an end user. Do you have any quick tips for mastering Portlet API development?