API RP 14G: Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and. 46 Pages · · MB · 93 Downloads ·English. by American Petroleum Institute. Preview. This standard was developed as an API recommended practice under the RP 14G. Fire Prevention and Control on Open Type Ol!~’hore Production Plat- forms. 1 Apr API RP 14G (R). Recommended Practice for Fire Prevention and Control on Fixed Open-type Offshore Production Platforms, Fourth.

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The use of fiberglass pipe for fire water piping should be designed and installed utilizing a total system approach. A Class B extinguisher should be provided on or in the vicinity of each crane. Where practical, the api rp 14g column should be located where api rp 14g will be protected by the platform framing to minimize damage from marine vessels. Where permitted by the regulatory authority, the extinguish- ing system should be automatically activated.

The terms bonding and grounding are sometimes used interchangeably; however, the terms have different meanings.

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Capable of igniting easily, burning intensely, or spreading flame rapidly. Electric starters should be energized by storage batteries equipped with a trickle charger to maintain adequate power.

Fire hoses api rp 14g be selected that are resistant to oil, chemical deterioration, mildew, rot, and exposure to offshore environment. Care should be taken to maintain labels in good, legible condi- tion api rp 14g approval is voided if the label is lost. Extinguishers should be located to minimize the possibility of damage from a fire or explosion and be provided in suffi- cient number that the overall fire control capability is not seriously impaired by a single fire.


Price and Buy this Standard View Pricing. The designer should note that depressurizing api rp 14g result api rp 14g an increased frequency of discharging large volumes of gas in a short period of time, as well as the loss of facility process control if based on natural gas supply.

Actuation of the xpi system should close ventilation openings and louvers, and activate installed alarms and time delays to alert personnel that could be in the space.

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Apu 1 inch in. The same charge apo travel across a wider gap as an arc than as a spark. After each use, fire hoses should be returned to their storage device. The electrical systems can offer automatic testing features. Full Description Presents recommendations for minimizing the likelihood of having an accidental fire, api rp 14g for designing, inspecting, and maintaining fire control systems.

When more than one primary means of escape is provided at a platform api rp 14g, at least two of the primary means of escape should be remote from each other and so arranged and constructed as to minimize the possibility that both may be blocked by any one fire or other emergency condition.

At least api rp 14g, the hose and nozzles should be function tested for proper 41g. High exit fluid velocities. The use of api rp 14g pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, lighter dp, lower cost, and ease of installation.

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Your cart is empty. Dry chemical extinguishers are available in two basic styles: Extinguishers suitable for fires involving metals should be identified by a five-pointed star containing the letter “D. Discharge of the system is not required.

Flammable api rp 14g and chemicals spilled on the platform should be immediately cleaned up. Water type systems are preferred over dry chemical systems.

These factors may result in fewer unwarranted alarms; however, since heat detectors are inherently slower in operation than other types of electrical detectors, they should be considered for installation in areas where high-speed detection is not required.


Available from the Superintendent of Documents, U. Extreme care should be exercised in opening vessels or reintroducing hydrocarbons into vessels known to contain api rp 14g sulfide see 2. Fire water pumps and all accessories exposed to sea api rp 14g should be constructed of materials fp to corrosion by sea water.

However, it is recommended that this document be consulted as a guideline when designing or installing fire pumps.

Dry chemical or gaseous systems are not recommended for automatic operation in these areas. Water hose reels should be strategically located near or inside the living quarters and should be api rp 14g at each level.